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  • It is the goal of the company to be a leader in the field of manufacturing of Industrial Resins
  • Customers will be provided more value to their Business by providing products and services that exceed their expectations.
  • These goals will be acheived by total involvement of our employees as well as our commitment  to comply to the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of Quality management system.
  •  Strong objectives for achieving the above goals are established at  relevant functions, levels and processes within the organization which drive the employees toward customer satisfaction.
  • ICR Manages all production processes and operations with ISO9001:2015 in order to provide quality products that meet the expectations of their customers at the highest level.
  • ICR has adopted a policy to provide best possible product and services to its customers utilizing the vast expertise gained by the company through the years. The company top management recognizes the fact that maintaining quality is a prerequisite for its own growth and existence in a world of competitive market.
  • ICR has continuous interaction with its customer’s right through the production
  •  ICR Quality Management system actions to address risks and opportunities
  • ICR established Quality Objectives at relevant functions,level and processes
  • ICR provided and maintaining the infrastructure necessary for the operation of its processes to achieve conformity of products and services
  • ICR improving Qulaity of product & services to meet customer requirements as well as to address future needs and expectations.
  • ICR carry risk assessment & Aspect Impact Assessment associated with activities and identify the weakness for any correctives measured if required.
  • ICR ensure that product delivered to end user will be safe & pollution free.