Quality control & Laboratory

Basic quality control starts from the raw materials. Manufacturer’s standard materials are received and checked again in the laboratory for their physical as well as chemical properties. The Laboratory is well equipped with the instruments to evaluate the Melting points, specific gravity, Boiling points, Viscosity’s, Refractive Index and so on.

Special purpose Resins are developed to test the tensile strengths as well as the hoop tensile strengths for testing the flat Laminates and Filament wound pipes. Samples, obtained from every batch are earmarked and stored for reference. These are further evaluated to observe the effect of ageing. The samples also come handy for an evaluation requested by the clients for a specific purpose.

Research & Development


Research & Development

We develop sustainable growth platforms by generating innovation based on customer needs and new technologies, in combination with the utilization of outstanding relationship marketing. The continuity of a company’s success rules heavily on a practical research & development. Our development wing has the responsibility of product development, process improvement and technical support this effort enable successful transition from laboratory development mass production.

We have a team of fully qualified specialist with hands on experience in the field or resin manufacture. With the state of the art, equipment for in depth studies of production and application of resin in FRP.ICR is well equipped to face fierce global competition, and challenges backed by strong Research & Development wing managed by a team of technocrats who have associated with well-established concerns.