General Purpose Resin Topaz–1100 TP: For common Hand Lay–up and Spraying  Systems and a good, high performance.

Isophthalic Polyester Resin Topaz–2100 TP: It is a superior chemical resistance towards most mineral and organic acids, solvents and oils makes choice for making glass reinforced chemical process equipment, storage tanks, tankers, ducting, hoods etc for handling chemicals at  ambient temperature. It can be used for making moulds, boats and  bathtubs.

Putty Grade Resin Topaz–1400: For making long duration Automobile putties.

Button Grade Resin Topaz–1500: For making button sheets and blanks can be processed even after long storage period of several weeks.

Marble Grade Resin Topaz–1600: This is used as clear sanitary grade resin  on the exposed  surface.

Roof lite Resin Topaz–1700: For production of roof lite sheets forgreen  houses, roof sheets  etc.

Orthophthalic Based Gelcoats Topaz – 1900: This is a high quality Gelcoat based on Orthophthalic Polyester  Resin  suited for  products like Water tanks, Cladding panels, Garden benches and other surfaces which is not in a chemical contacts.

SMC/DMC Resin Topaz – 2300: This  is  an unsaturated  Isophthalic Polyester  Resin  designed specifically  for SMC/DMC  applications with  high  reactivity, which  allows  high  filler loading. The functionality  in  resins is  adjusted  to provide  an  optimum thickening  behavior.  The  resin has  high  SPI peak  exotherm  and low cure  time  that allows  faster  production rates.

Bisphenolic Resin Topaz – 3100: This is a corrosion resistant resin gives High mechanical strength combined with chemical resistance  at elevated  temperatures. It has wetting properties, suitable for hand lay up, spry up and filament winding  process.

NPG based Isophthalic Polyester Resins Topaz – 2750: This is a high quality weather protection & chemical resistant Isophthalic / Neopentyl Glycol Polyester Resin suited for products like Boat decks, Car body works, Cladding panels etc.

NPG based Gelcoat Topaz–2700AT: This is a weather protection Gelcoat, a  high quality gelcoat based on Isophthalic / Neopentyl Glycol Polyester Resin suited for products like boat decks, car body works,  cladding  panels etc.

White Gelcoat Topaz–2900: This  is a  high  quality  gelcoat  based on Isophthalic Polyester Resin suited for products  like boat  decks, Carbody  work, Cladding  panels  etc.

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